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“Telcell” is the leading organization in the field of payment acceptance in Armenian market.


Through Telcell payment acceptance points and through the self-service terminals You can address payments to more than 450 operators of telecom and various other service providers, including pay for utilities, for internet connection, pay TV bills, to repay loan obligations, replenish bank / card and virtual accounts, pay insurance premiums,  reimburse the State Registry Services, pay for the domain registration and hosting services, make payments for activation of the electronic signature based on identification card and do other payments. We are constantly expanding the list of services for which you can pay through our system.


The dynamic growth of “Telcell” is due to the constant expansion of the terminal network and payment acceptance points, the professional work of the company's specialists and the regular improvement of equipment and software.


Our terminals are installed in the most busy areas of Yerevan and regions of Armenia, in public places: stores of large retail chains, market places, shopping centers, grocery stores, Metro, offices of large companies and banks, universities, medical institutions, recreation areas, places of entertainment and so on. Telcell system is available in Artshakh Republic as well. Terminals are equipped with anit-vandal touch screen with colorful, intuitively understandable interface.


You can advertise your business through terminals of Telcell system.


Advertisement opportunities:

  • Placing commercials on the main page of the terminal,
  • Information clip on the whole screen of the terminal after depositing the amount, before printing the receipt,
  • Placing a button with the company logo on the terminal's main page,
  • Advertising banner when paying all operators before downloading data,
  • Placement of advertising stickers on the body of payment terminal,
  • Advertising on panels installed on terminals,
  • Printing of the company logo on the back of the check, approving payment from the terminal.